Help us during this time of coronavirus oubreak! We need our partners even more now than ever before!

We are in DANGEROUS times! The entire world is at RISK with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that sweeps across the world with almost a million lives lost to this global pandemic. During this period of uncertainty, Amazing Grace Gospel International, is greatly concern and dedicated to the health, safety, and well-being of the nations, our community and of our people, especially the most vulnerable (orphans and abandoned children) under our care. The rate at which the virus spreads in Ghana is so alarming! As a result, churches, schools, institutions, companies, etc. are shut down with some parts of the country locked down to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 and the burden on our inadequate health facilities. This makes life extremely difficult, leading to HUNGER and SARVATION; and how to feed our Champions (orphans and abandoned children) is almost IMPOSSIBLE! Also to adhere to the WHO’s preventive measures we need: alcohol based sanitizers, Veronica buckets, toiletries, masks, hand gloves, soap and detergents. In view of this, we call on the global community, organizations and individuals to help us FEED and CARE for these ORPHANED AND ABONDANED children.

We are preaching the living Jesus Christ to the perishing world!

The Amazing Grace Gospel International is Christ-centered ministries for the nations committed to reaching the dying world with the supernatural power of the Gospel, accompanied by healing, miracles, signs and wonders.

Our Vision

Taking the living Jesus to the dying world (winning souls, making them disciples, and planting churches).

Our Mission

Raising generations of great men and women who seek after the heart of God to accomplish his will.

Our Purpose

Making disciples of Christ who can re-discover their God-given purpose and fulfill their destiny to glorify God.

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