Our Ministry

Our ministry is an interdenominational and evangelistic ministry committed to preach and teach the Gospel of Christ Jesus in villages, towns, cities, countries and continents by:

  • Holding Gospel, healing and miracle crusades.
  • Holding conferences, seminars and workshops for people in leadership.
  • Breaking divisive walls and barriers among home based churches and ministries to bring them in unity for "The Great Commission" and "The Great Commandment"

We do these with home based churches and ministries coming together as hosts of the program.

Join Us and Support Out Efforts

Let us preach the Gospel together and lead the lost to Jesus Christ

Our Pastor

Name: Bishop Isaac R. Agbeka - D.Th
Heart: I exist "to Glorify Christ Jesus first and foremost, be of a great blessing, a light for revelation and a true source of direction to people as they come to know Jesus Christ and know Him better."
Daily Prayer and Confession: "One thing I ask of you O' Lord, don't deny me, that You either give me the SOULS or you take my life."


Bishop Isaac R. Agbeka preaching the Word to the church.

Church Meeting Days
Sundays: 8:30 am - 11:30 am
Tuesdays: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Fridays: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Women's Ministry - "Amazing Ladies"

The mission of this ministry is:

  • to touch the lives of the lost with the Gospel, mostly, women and children
  • to build orphanages and care for the street children
  • to support ministers with their material needs, example: bicycles, motor-bikes etc.
  • promote the "girl child education" in Africa
  • to raise funds to support the mission work throughout the world
  • undertakes small scale businesses and projects
  • development of human resources by offering scholarships to needy children.

International women ministry team, in strategic ministry and touching lives, mostly women and children.

Men's Ministry

  • involves in evangelism on virgin lands
  • provision of material needs for village ministry, example: putting-up of church buildings, music equipment, bicycles and motor-bikes
  • building of orphanages.

Orphanage Ministry

  • to establish and run orphanages
  • to care for widows
  • to preach Christ to them

Children Ministry

  • to reach out to the lost children with the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • establishment of child development centers
  • scholarships for needy children
  • presentation of gifts to children in both urban and rural centers.

Youth Ministry

  • to know Christ-Jesus and to make Him known, more particularly to people of the same age group
  • holding of seminars to train and equip dedicated Christ loving future leaders
  • to establish computers training centers.

Music Ministry

  • to spread the word through inspiring songs of praises and worship
  • to produce gospel music cassettes to comfort people
  • to lead in praises and worship services.
  • The photos above shows Bernice Yayra Agbeka, leading the children's music team in song ministry.

Calebian Ministry

  • involves in personal evangelism, visitation and follow ups
  • making of disciples
  • organizes mini-crusades
  • visits hospitals.

Ministry of Health

  • free medical treatments in rural areas in particular
  • involves in the fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic
  • inolves in education and control of drug abuse and alcoholism.

Welfare Ministry

  • meets the physical needs of the people, example: caring for widows and orphans
  • organizes weddings, funerals and child dedication
  • visits hospitals with gifts.

Ministry of Education

  • involves in establishment of schools
  • holding seminars and workshops
  • training of seasoned pastors and Bible teachers.


  • reaches out to hundreds and thousands of people with the gospel by preaching and teaching on air.
  • produces seasoned biblical preaching and teaching cassettes.

Prayer Ministry "Peniel Hour"

  • supports the mission work with prayer.
  • intercession for nations, sponsors and individuals.
  • organizes prayer festivals, healing and miracle crusades.

Sheep Fold Ministry

  • involves in Home Bible studies
  • encourages family life relationships
  • used as a strategy to win and assimilate new members on purpose.