About Us

Our Vision

Taking the living Jesus to the dying world (winning souls, making them disciples, and planting churches).

Our Mission

Raising generations of great men and women who seek after the heart of God to accomplish His will.

Our Purpose

Making disciples of Christ who can re-discover their God-given purpose and fulfill their destiny to glorify God.

Vision Reach All Unreached People Group in Africa (VRAA) 2020

By 2020 the Ministry will mobilize and lead her local, national and International branches to evangelize all the unreached people groups in ten countries and their villages, plant vibrant purpose -driven churches in all the Regional Capitals, to develop five mega purpose-driven churches in the national capitals of five of those countries. And to start a Theological Seminary for training seasoned ministers for this century and beyond, develop our "Life Development Center into an Institute for effective training of our members and put in place an age-appropriate Life Development Process that leads our children and youth to love Jesus-Christ and church, grow spiritually, discover their shape for ministry and understand their life mission in the world.


  • To proclaim the Gospel of Christ to all and evangelize people (the lost) from all walks of life throughout the world.
  • To involve in missions: Church Planting, Discipleship Training, Leadership Training, Build and Operate Orphanages, and checking of social evils, etc.
  • To train, equip and mobilize members and other Christians for world mission: - The Great Commission.
  • To share love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance, and encouragement with the hurting, depressed, frustrated, confused, and helpless.
  • To offer education, health services, humanitarian services, and minister to the socioeconomic needs of people wherever we go.

Our needs

We are working to create a better life for poor adults and vulnerable children in deplorable condition

Here are some of the problems that the church is helping to solve:

  • Building a new orphanage in Aflao that we will manage and operate.
  • Building of schools in Aveyiborme and Adiekpe for 7000 children who no access to education.
  • Vocational training, providing women, youth, and orphans who are not academically sound with skill and trade for economic empowerment.
  • Building a clinic in Adiekpe to provide basic medical care and a local maternity area for rural communities with a population over 85,000 people.
  • HIV/ AIDS education, training, and free voluntary testing.
  • Feeding the hungry with food, clothing and medicines.
  • Free English classes for the poor who cannot afford education (adults and youth).

Ministry Projects

  • Purchase of properties (lands) for the churches
  • Building places of worship for the churches
  • Purchase of evangelistic bus and equipment

Please consider picking up project(s) to help and impact lives forever!


HIV/AIDS education in deprived communities - they know nothing about the deadly virus.

Vocation training school, providing people with skills for economic empowerment.

Free English Classes for the poor who cannot afford education.