Vulnerable Child Care

We preach the Gospel and provide food, shelter, clothing, education, skills and more

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is: to look after Orphans and Widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world" (James 1:27)

Vision: Being the plan of God to reach out to people such as these, meet their needs, and include them in His Redemption, He burdens the heart of Bishops Isaac with the vision to establish a branch ministry under the Amazing Grace Gospel International known as “Seekers Children's Foundation" (Village Of Champions) to meet these increasing needs and minister to these precious souls.

Location: We are located in Ghana, the Land of Gold, West Africa.

The Reality: Ghana is the Gate-Way to Africa with it’s main border town called Aflao, being the major busiest international border located between Ghana to Togo in Africa. It has all kinds of unacceptable practices against international law of human rights. Aflao is known as the first (1st) place with the highest rate of HIV/AIDS, according to the International AIDS Commission. As a place of high rate HIV/AIDS pandemic, Aflao has become a prolific breading ground for Orphans and Street Children with an increasing speed struck with Hunger. These deprived children fall victims to many dangers of being enslaved into prostitution, child labor, child trafficking, sex trade, and picking-pockets, (robbery). Since the HIV/AIDS pandemic is claiming the lives of the majority of these parents, it puts these children in very deplorable and vulnerable conditions as orphans and street children. Many of these children fall victims to child abusers from home, and neighboring countries who lure them to the streets with the deceptive promises to provide them better lifestyle, and enslaves them into prostitution, child labor, child trafficking, sex trade, and picking-pockets, (robbery) etc. This happens at their early ages of between six and eight (6 & 8), who grows into irresponsible adulthood of prostitutes and armed robbers at our borders, towns, and highways.

The Opportunity: We have an opportunity to provide resources that bring positive and, productive change.

Current Priorities

Evangelism: We undertakes street evangelism to witness and win these children at day and night times when we can get those enslaved to prostitution, picking-pockets, and child labor.

Shelter & Housing: From the street, we bring them into Village Of Champions where they are being given better life care and quality education.

Nutrition: At Village Of Champions, children are served with balanced diet at all times. Extra care is taken to make sure that meals are being prepared under proper hygienic conditions. We are currently into agriculture projects where proper food items, proteineous meats, and chickens are produced for the consumption of the children at the village.

Education: We currently provide them with quality education in newly established school known as "Champions Academy". We  provides them with school suppliers such as, uniforms (school dresses), books, pens, pencils, erasers, crayons, etc. We are doing our best to expand to Junior High and Senior High School levels couple with vocation school. Our long term vision is to establish University in future.

Medical Care: Since most of these children suffered malnutrition, which resulted in poor health, and many are admitted on this ground; adequate measures are put in place to ensure that all the children enjoy good health always. This service provides regular screening of children in our homes to detect health disorders for early diagnosis and treatment. We receive medical personnel from both government and private hospitals and clinics that pay periodic visits to the homes to ensure that their health needs are met.

Skills / Trade: We put some into learning skills such as tailoring, and kente weaving. We have the vision to expand this, to provide many who may not academically sound to be taught in skills and trade after which we will help them establish their self-employed businesses to leave decent economic lives.

We invite individuals, and organization to partner with us to accomplish this together. Remember, together, we add meaning to these lives!


1. To reach these Orphan, and Street children with the Gospel of Christ, and minister to them in spirit, soul, and body.

2. To provide these children with care and protection, who are socially vulnerable, domestically forgotten and neglected, and economically deprived.

3. To provide them with shelter, good nutrition, and balanced diet at all time.

4. To provide medical care on sustainable basis to them, who need it irrespective of color, creed, sex, and ethnicity.

5. To provide a conducive environment for these children to discover their gifts, talents, and potentials through education, skills, and training.

6. To seek the economic development of women, the less-privileged, and the poor to enable them lead decent lives.

7. To collaborate with governmental agencies and other related bodies with like-minded vision in ensuring the rights of the child for growth into responsible adulthood.

Our Letter to You

Dear Friends,

Here are our Champions, beautiful to behold!

Each of these children, unique in their own way, are faced with challenges and heartache due to the loss of loved ones. They deserve an opportunity to grow up in an environment that is filled with love, encouragement and support.

Amazing Grace Gospel is committed to helping these children at House of Champions by providing housing and education in a safe and loving environment.

We believe that each child will grow to make a great contribution to their communities, their nation and even the world.

The visionary of House of Champions, Bishop Isaac Agbeka of Amazing Grace International, in Aflao Ghana, has a wonderful team dedicated to care for the needs of the children.

We can not make this happen without support from people like you. Your donation, no matter what size, can make a tremendous difference in the lives of these Champions.

Thank you for your generous gift.